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Training Group Administrators

Introducing the easiest way for YOU as the group administrator to track, see, analyze, and report all of the detail about everyone assigned in your group… In other words, when you login to your WorkersEd control panel, you get “Real Time” information on how each of your people are doing. If they have completed, how long it took, and a whole wealth of data!

It’s Easy! Just call us at 800-381-4389 and you can be set up as a group administrator in minutes!

Here’s a quick overview of what to expect…

  1. Overview
  2. Progress Charts
  3. Reports
  4. Activity

1. Quickly see a general overview…

Group Administration Overview

As you would expect, the overview widget provides you with quick stats relating to your learning management system. The top-level metrics displayed are:

  • Total Students
  • Number of Courses
  • Assignments Pending
  • Essays Pending

Selecting any one of these items will take you to the management page.

So, if you click Total Students then you will be brought to the Group administration dashboard, while selecting Courses will bring you to your WorkersEd Courses.

Clicking on either the Assignments Pending or Essays Pending items will take you to their respective management pages so that you can quickly review and score the submissions.


2. See your students progress in real time…


The progress chart dynamically shows the break-down for user progress based on the course you select in the Reporting widget.

The first chart is the course Progress Distribution.

This graphically displays Not Started, In Progress, and Completed statuses. Hovering your mouse over the sections of the graph will give you the exact number.

The second chart is the In Progress Breakdown.

This provides a granular look at those users who are listed as having an “In Progress” status.

This is incredibly useful because you now have the ability to see exactly how far along the students in your group your  are in the course.

For example, if the majority of your users are less than 20% through the course, then you can be proactive and nudge them along!


3. Get detailed data of everyone in your group, when you are set up as the group administrator…

student progress report

This is where the magic happens.

With this feature you use filters to dig into your assigned course and user data. Choose to view users and progress by course or even look up a specific user’s activities in a matter of seconds!

This section also allows you to email a selected student or group of student. For example, you could email anyone who has not yet finished a course, or you could choose to email one specific user.

As you choose your filters you will be presented with the relevant data, and the other two features (Progress Chart and Activity) will adjust according to the filters selected.

Once you have the data you want, the Download button gathers that information and exports it to a CSV file.

Want a little more room to dig into the data? No problem – just click the FULL PAGE button. This will take you to a dedicated WorkersEd Administrator dashboard page that includes more space for the reports that you generate.

WorkersEd is excited to bring this exciting feature to managers and administrators who are charged with overseeing a student, or group in completing their mandatory training. Call today and see how easy it is to get set up as a group administrator… Oh, and did we mention this exciting feature is free of charge to group administrators?

Call  800-381-4389 today!


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